Our main attraction – Salmon fishing It is our pleasure to share with You the following information about salmon fishing in Namsen. The observation show that in most of the rivers salmon population and fishing catch amounts are declining, while salmon population in Namsen remains stable at a high level,  just as it has been for decades now. Some of happy salmon fishirmen of season 2013.  To the left: Maxim Vovk with his dad, caught 12,5 kg salmon on the 2nd week of June 2013. To the right: In the picture to the right is Maurice Cros with his 13.7 kg salmon that was caught from the land in the July. To his left is his fishing buddy and sidekick in “gaff no” JP Bonhomme. The older gentlemen are  80 and 77 years old and they are not used to applying  landing net, so the salmon was caught with their hands! Happy fishermen, June of 2011. The salmon weigh is 19.2 kg. Erik, in the white T-shirt, is a rower that has rowed for the hotel guests for more than 20 years. Hotel Overhalla at it’s disposal has over 8 km of the best part of the Namsen. We sell our fished salmon in Veiem, Bertnem, Lilleberre, Storem, Øy, Rodum, Ranum, Øvre Vibstad, Hekten and Ytre Vibstad. On these parts of the river Hotel Overhalla, the guests that are fishing catch on average more than 2000 kg of salmon every year.   2 of our highly experienced and respected rowers. Kristine and Ayna each have more than 5 years experience as professional rowers. In the picture they are holding 13 kg salmon that they have caught together while fishing Namsen. Both of them have fishermen education and they handle the fly rod as good as the boat paddles on the river boat. We offer these exclusive fishing rights in our parts of Namsen for one day or on weekly basis. If needed, we can offer you: Ghillies, Rowers, fishing equipment and local Transportation. Our kitchen staff knows how to make meals from caught fishes that fishermen will appreciate. Especially good and refined are our memorable barbecues on the riverbank. We also sell salmons fishing rights in our part of the Namsen to the fishermen that are not staying at the hotel. For more information:  Call   (47)  90 96 33 35  or mail: oddvar@overhalla-hotel.no Tell us when You want to visit, how many days will You be staying, what will You do and what will You need – bank fishing, boat fishing, rowers, single room, double room etc.  —  And then we will give you an offer. To the left: 14,6 kg salmon from June of 2011. The salmon is caught using a fly rod from the boat. Rower: Kristine To the right: 12,6 kg salmon from June of 2011. In the picture to the left is a rower Egil Aslak that has been at the hotel for about 20 years. He is one of the many rowers who loves fishing and is taking time off for a few weeks each summer from his main  job to go salmon fishing. You can enjoy your stay at the Hotel Overhalla in many different ways. You can do bank fishing or boat fishing in the Namsen, or even a deep sea fishing. You can also combine business connection meetings and enjoy fishing in the same place, because hotel Overhalla has several different size meeting rooms.